Welcome to the Escenic APT Repository

Esenic Here you'll find packages for installing production environments based on Escenic Content Engine, installing Escenic Content Engine specific monitoring plugins (Munin & Check_mk), installing virtualised environments using KVM or Amazon WS, as well setting up a build server to build releases of your portal software. These packages should install cleanly on any Debian based operating system, including Ubuntu.

If you're looking for RPM packages, you may have a look here

Adding the repository to your system

# curl --silent http://apt.escenic.com/repo.key | apt-key add -
# echo "deb http://apt.escenic.com unstable main non-free" \
    >> /etc/apt/sources.list
# apt-get update

Installing a package

You can install any of the available packages, e.g. to get ece-install, you'd do:

# apt-get install escenic-content-engine-installer

Seeing which packages are available

You can use APT's built in search to discover the Escenic related packages:

$ apt-cache search escenic

You can also browse these directories these directories to see all the packages available.

Report any issues you find on our github issue tracker and enjoy!

-Escenic Team